class Mechanize::Download

Download is a pluggable parser for downloading files without loading them into memory first. You may subclass this class to handle content types you do not wish to load into memory first.

See Mechanize::PluggableParser for instructions on using this class.



Accessor for the IO-like that contains the body


Accessor for the IO-like that contains the body


The filename for this file based on the content-disposition of the response or the basename of the URL

Public Class Methods

new(uri = nil, response = nil, body_io = nil, code = nil) { |self| ... } click to toggle source

Creates a new download retrieved from the given uri and response object. The body_io is an IO-like containing the HTTP response body and code is the HTTP status.

# File lib/mechanize/download.rb, line 30
def initialize uri = nil, response = nil, body_io = nil, code = nil
  @uri      = uri
  @body_io  = body_io
  @code     = code

  @full_path = false unless defined? @full_path

  fill_header response

  yield self if block_given?

Public Instance Methods

body() click to toggle source

The body of this response as a String.

Take care, this may use lots of memory if the response body is large.

# File lib/mechanize/download.rb, line 48
def body { @body_io.rewind }
save(filename = nil) click to toggle source

Saves a copy of the #body_io to filename

# File lib/mechanize/download.rb, line 55
def save filename = nil
  filename = find_free_name filename
  save! filename
Also aliased as: save_as
save!(filename = nil) click to toggle source

Use this method to save the content of #body_io to filename. This method will overwrite any existing filename that exists with the same name.

# File lib/mechanize/download.rb, line 67
def save! filename = nil
  dirname = File.dirname filename
  FileUtils.mkdir_p dirname

  open filename, 'wb' do |io|
    until @body_io.eof? do
      io.write 16384
save_as(filename = nil)
Alias for: save